Mr Maud has a habit of not paying suppliers, tradesmen and other companies he does business with and Catering Services International Tweet owes a lot of money to many people, from his current and previous businesses. The Tweet to the right (click for bigger image) was posted in April 2013.

If you have dealt with Apricot Catering/Food4Kids or any of Mr Maud’s other companies and would like to add your experience, please contact us.


We had what we now know to be the great misfortune to encounter Nigel Maud in April 2013.  We supplied and installed solid wood worktops, sink/tap, hob and extractor in his kitchen at Little Treaddow Farmhouse, as well as carrying out some alteration work to his existing kitchen units.   Our many requests for payment were met with some really pathetic excuses – the most popular one being that he had been too busy to see to it…!! 

We did eventually take him to the small claims court and although he did try to wriggle out of this by saying we were instructed to do the work by a company and not by him, a CCJ was made against him in February 2014  (we now know this to be one of many). Unsurprisingly no payment was made so we took it to the High Court.  Unfortunately bailiffs have been unable to obtain any goods as oddly enough he has resorted to hiding behind his wife/family and transferred ownership of all things to them. He did initially agree to pay a derisory sum of £50 a month…… but after only one payment that stopped and he has now pleaded poverty etc.  

At this stage we are not sure of the next steps to take as obviously we don’t want to throw good money after bad, but we are really angered that this sorry little man is allowed to continue stealing from people time after time again without any real fear of serious legal reprisals and also that he carries on happily ‘tweeting’ about how busy and wonderful his life is ….. although on reflection he can’t be very good at whatever it is he is doing as he isn’t able to afford £50 a month..!  

Thankfully, in our 24 years of trading we have never come across a man as amoral as Maud before, and needless to say I certainly hope we don’t ever again.   Many thanks to this site for trying to get as much information as possible out there about him … the more people who know of his true colours the better..…… if only we had known about them before…

What goes around, comes around.

Jayne and Neil Heath
Heath Interiors (Hereford) Ltd


Apricot Catering hired a pig roast machine from us for 4 separate events, we invoiced him for all events together and never got paid. We were given one reason after another with delay tactics galore. In the end we decided to use a debt collector and took them to the small claims court and a county court judgement was issued against them but we were advised that they had no money so it was going to be a waste of time and money pursuing them further. A case of good money after bad. So, we like others have had to swallow the costs. NOT happy!

Emma Pushman, Coldtraila


We’re a Catering Recruitment Specialist that supplied staff to Apricot Catering Ltd and Maud ran up a sizeable bill. When requests for payment were made, he bounced a cheque and then alleged he was awaiting payment from his clients. Needless to say, no money was received and Court proceedings resulted in a CCJ being made for £1657 on 6 November 2012.

Following a number of enquiries with other suppliers, it transpires there’s a large number of suppliers owed considerable sums by Maud and all were told the same story. Some of these are small local niche companies that cannot afford the bad debt and they’ve been hit very hard.

Catering Services International



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