There are very few places on the internet where customers can leave reviews of Alimento Dining or Apricot Catering. There are likely many people who have had a positive experience however given the fact that Mr Maud does not always provide the food he claims to (see the Ethics page for more information), it is very possible that customers have not received what they have paid for.


Apricot Catering used to be listed on, however Mr Maud removed it, probably after lucyjane1990 left this review. Unfortunately this meansApricotCateringYellReview that the Apricot Catering page is no longer there so it is not possible to see the review in its entirity. Due to the wonders of Google, part of the review is still available and it is obviously not positive. Click here to view the page. In case the page ever disappears, you can also view it as an image, click the thumbnail on the right to enlarge.


This review was left on Duedil, presumably sometime in June 2013. At the time this function was agreed, Mr Maud had already registered with an Insolvency Practitioner and therefore should not have been trading when he obviously knew the company was in financial trouble. ApricotCateringDuedilReview

Clicking here will take you to the page however you may find you  have to register in order to view it so again you can view it as an image. We’re nice like that.


**If you have been a client/customer of Apricot Catering/Alimento Dining and want to add your review to this page please email us**


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