About Apricot Catering Reviews

Apricot Catering Reviews was set up to warn potential clients, staff and suppliers of the possible consequences of doing business with Apricot Catering/Food4kids (Food4Kids is now dissolved), catering companies based near Ross-on-Wye in Herefordshire run by Mr Nigel Maud who has had many other businesses in the past. There is very little information available about this company as the owner does not appear to want honest reviews published which is where we come in.

This site aims to collate information, much of which is easily accessible via Google, in order to present the facts both about the type of person Mr Nigel Maud and consequently the way he chooses to run his businesses to allow people to make up their own minds. We will not publish anything unless we are sure it is fact and wherever possible will provide evidence to back up statements made.

If you have dealt with Apricot Catering, in any of its many forms, or one of Mr Maud’s previous companies and wish to add your story then please contact us.