Timeline 2012 – 2014

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This is a timeline of the most recent events (2012 – present) and concentrates on Apricot Catering and subsequent incarnations Apricot Catering & Events, Apricot Catering (Contracts), Food by Apricot and Alimento Dining (and Food4Kids which was part of Apricot Catering until August 2012). For an overview of other businesses which were at some time owned/managed by Nigel Maud please see here.

The claim made on the company website that Apricot has been in operation since 1999 gives the impression that Apricot Catering is a well established company but this is wholly false. There have actually been multiple companies which have traded as Apricot Catering. Apricot Catering Ltd (the company that has traded for much of the last few years and went into liquidation in August 2013) has only existed since 2009 having previously traded under several different names. In August 2012, Nigel Maud changed the name of another of his businesses, Treaddow Leisure Ltd, to Apricot Catering & Events Ltd, however this company did not appear to be trading. On the same day in August 2012 Food4Kids Ltd was set up which took over the provision of school meals but was operated from the same premises with the same staff.

In November 2012 Mr Maud told staff he was putting Apricot Catering Ltd into Liquidation in order to avoid threatened legal action from a dissatisfied client (for whom Apricot Catering had provided wedding catering earlier in the year). Mr Maud set up a new company, Apricot Catering (Contracts) Ltd which began trading immediately (it is unclear whether clients, suppliers etc were told they were dealing with another company). Apricot Catering Ltd was registered with an Insolvency Practitioner (IP) Cranfield Business Recovery (change of address can be seen on Companies House) and apparently ceased trading. However the IP confirmed that, although Mr Maud initially told them he wanted to put Apricot Catering Ltd into insolvency, he did not return either the paperwork or the payment required, and therefore the company remained ‘active’. Mr Maud repeatedly told creditors that Apricot Catering Ltd was in liquidation and therefore they could not be paid.

In January 2013 Mr Maud found out that both Apricot ACpartofFood4Kids Catering Ltd and Apricot Catering (Contracts) Ltd were being taken to employment tribunal. Shortly afterwards it appeared that he began trading as “Apricot Catering – Part of Food4Kids Ltd” (and that claim is still made on the Food4Kids website – see image right) and then Apricot Catering & Events Ltd (the name at the bottom of the Apricot Catering website changed six times between November 2012 and March 2013).

Mr Maud lied twice to the Tribunal service (and contradicted himself), first claiming that Apricot Catering (Contracts) did not start trading until January 2013, and later that it had never traded. In April 2013 Dormant accounts were filed at Companies House for both Apricot Catering & Events Ltd and Apricot Catering (Contracts) Ltd, even though Mr Maud had traded as both companies during the period November 2012 – March 2013. He also applied to have both companies struck off the register. Having three companies that for all intents and purposes are one and the same is a huge asset to someone who wishes to avoid paying his debts, and Mr Maud does exactly that.

In April 2013 Mr Maud registered Apricot Catering Ltd with a second Insolvency Practitioner. Two creditors meetings have been cancelled and the process has still not started officially due to Mr Maud being unable to “afford” the fee. In spite of his three Apricot Catering companies being either “Dormant” or in the process of being liquidated, ‘Apricot Catering’ has never stopped trading therefore Mr Maud must have a fourth company which appears to be Apricot Catering & Events (not a Limited company). Food4Kids has also been continuously trading. In the meantime Mr Maud’s creditors are left unlikely to get any money while he drags out the process and lies about his financial status.

**UPDATE 14/7** Apricot Catering (Contracts) Ltd is now dissolved. Even though the company has traded and even though the company has outstanding debts, Mr Maud’s lies have enabled him to get the company struck off as non-trading.

**UPDATE 21/8** The process to liquidate Apricot Catering Ltd has started and the Insolvency Practitioner has been appointed. Click here to see the Gazette notice. The creditors are owed over £100,000 and Mr Maud is still trading as Apricot Catering & Events.

**UPDATE 2/9** An application has been submitted at Companies House to have Apricot Catering & Events Ltd struck off the register for the second time (the previous application made in March 2013 was withdrawn in June 2013).

**UPDATE 4/10** Food4Kids is no longer trading, all school contracts have apparently ended.

**UPDATE November 2013** Mr Maud appears to be setting up a new company – Food by Apricot

**UPDATE January 2014** Mr Maud appears to be setting up another company re-using the name Alimento.


3 Responses to Timeline 2012 – 2014

  1. Marc Burrows says:

    Apricot or whatever they are called this week claim to be the on site caterers at The Guildhall Worcester. This is not true they are one of a number of nominated caterers. Another of Mr Maude’s lies.

  2. Marc Burrows says:

    Mr Maud now appears to be selling off large equipment that is surplus to requirements. To pay off his creditors, with his track record I fear not

  3. Marc Burrows says:

    According to Mr Maurds Twitter account he appears to be venturing back in to school meals

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