Previous Businesses

Mr Maud’s business history is complicated to say the least. He has had many companies, most of which have traded under several different names. He is also very fond of having more than one company with the same/similar name at any one time, the reason for this is anybody’s guess, draw your own conclusions.

Information about these companies is easy to find online. BusinessHistoryCompanies House has a service where you can search by company name or company number and searching on a website like Duedil by company name or Director name brings up a lot of interesting information. To the right is a brief timeline of the most relevant companies and the dates of changes. Click on the image to view a bigger version. Each company is in a different colour to make it easier to track the changes. You will notice there are many similar named companies, some of which were in existence at the same time. More information can be found on Companies House – search by company name/number. Clicking on “Order information on this company” from the company details page gives a history.

In 2003 Lea Manor Hotel (Albrighton) Ltd (formerly Treaddow Hotels Ltd/Shires Hospitality Ltd) was liquidated, however the process had begun three years previously. In April 2000 a meeting was held approving a Voluntary Arrangement for the company which at the time was trading as Shires Hospitality Ltd (having changed its name 3 months earlier from Treaddow Hotels Ltd). In March 2002 the company name was changed again to Lea Manor Hotel (Albrighton) Ltd and then in June 2002 there was a court order for compulsory winding up of the company (following a creditors petition) and in January 2003 the Voluntary Liquidation process completed.

In 2004 Alimento Ltd (formerly Treaddow Hospitality Ltd/Shires Hospitality (2000) Ltd) was dissolved following Mr Maud as Director and his father, Stephen Maud, as Company Secretary being made bankrupt by a court order following a creditors petition (the Gazette notices can be found here and here) in 2003.

In 2008 New Inn (Hereford) Ltd (formerly Apricot Catering Ltd) began a lengthy process towards dissolution – administrators were appointed in April 2008 (interesting given the date of this article) and the company was dissolved in January 2010 however restored by court order at the end of the same year. In 2011 Mr Maud and his wife Tee (Tracey) Maud were made bankrupt following a creditors petition (the Gazette notices can be found here and here) and New Inn (Hereford) Ltd was dissolved in 2012.

Running up debts and causing a business to fail appears to be a repeating pattern, no doubt leaving many people out of pocket along the way.


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