Hypocrisy at its very best

Tweet20614As you can see, Mr Maud posted this on Twitter on 2nd June. Coincidentally the same day as we received an email from him accusing us of “criminal harassment [sic]” so we will take a leap and suggest that perhaps the tweet is about this website.

This is so hypocritical it’s almost funny.

Firstly, “sole aim” is stretching it a bit. A blog post every now and again is hardly a life-consuming vendetta. People email us with information so it’s not even like it’s that hard to find things to post.

Secondly, the aim is not to “damage” a business but to leave FACTUAL information about a business to allow people to make their own mind – just like the hundreds of review sites. We have received a lot of emails which have started with “I wish I’d seen this website before I…..”

Finally. Pot and Kettle springs to mind. The ONLY reason there is any content to put on this website is because of actual things that have happened. Nothing is made up or exaggerated (a lot of stuff can be verified online) and the reviews are totally genuine. Therefore anything that could potentially damage his businesses is of Mr Maud’s own creation. Unlike the many many businesses which have really have been damaged by Mr Maud’s appalling lack of morals, people who through no fault of their own have been left out of pocket and been unable to fight back because Mr Maud is well versed in what he can get away with.

Mr Maud posting a comment like that, presumably to provoke sympathy, is not only incredibly hypocritical, but also deeply insulting to those who have been affected by his actions.


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