Busy or dormant??

Caterbrain, Mr Maud’s Food Safety Consultancy business, is tweet2Mar14 apparently in huge demand all over the country. For the last few months he has been posting on Twitter about his jaunts up and down England visiting clients as the Tweets on the right show. He appears to be very busy however according to records which Tweet23Mar14 can be seen through the Companies House WebCHeck service, the company has filed dormant accounts, thereby claiming that company is not trading. More than a little odd.

So either Mr Maud is not actually carrying out the consultancy work he is claiming and the Tweets are for show. Or he is not putting this work through the Caterbrain accounts.

**It appears that there is in fact another business. Mr Maud has apparently been operating as a sole trader since 2005 and the registering of Caterbrain as a Ltd company in 2014 is just to protect the name. So that clears that up.**


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