Welcome to Apricot Catering Reviews!

Apricot Catering (or Food by Apricot/Alimento Dining which seem to be the newest incarnations) was a small Event caterer – weddings, parties, private dinners etc – based at St Owen’s Cross near Ross-on-Wye in south Herefordshire.  Food4Kids which used to be part of Apricot Catering, became a separate business and provided school meals to a few primary schools in Herefordshire although ceased trading in October 2013. The company name was changed in February 2014 and is now trading as Caterbrain Ltd, a food safety consultancy business. All companies are owned and managed by Nigel Maud, someone with a history of failed businesses and a trail of debts which has impacted on many people including suppliers, staff and clients.

So why the website? Well quite simply, enough is enough. Many many people have been affected by Mr Maud’s unscrupulous actions. Clients who are dissatisfied with the service they have received; suppliers and tradesmen who have not been paid for the goods and services they have provided; and staff who at times have not been paid on time/in full/at all for the work they have done. This affects small local businesses as well as individuals and families; honest people who have done nothing to deserve this. Those people to whom he owes money or who he has wronged in some way have no way of fighting back as Mr Maud seems to be well practised at slipping through loopholes, knows how to play the system and obviously believes he can treat people however he likes and doesn’t care about the hardship he causes. Hopefully this website with honest information will allow other people to make an informed decision about whether or not to deal with this company and prevent them being added to the long list of Mr Maud’s creditors.

We will only publish information that we can be sure is true. If you have had dealings with Apricot Catering (in any of its’ many forms), Alimento Dining, Food by Apricot or Food4Kids or even Nigel Maud while he was running other businesses and would like to add an honest review (positive or negative) to this site, please feel free to Contact Us.